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You’ve got a
Big Vision

you’re holding for
your family & business!

But the Problem is you need structure, strategy, accountability, more time and more income!

You Whole-heartedly want to create a legacy that fits into your lifestyle...

...but you cannot possibly give any more time to this business than you already are right now without it affecting your family. 

You’re are struggling setting up healthy boundaries, between the demands of being a CEO and raising young children.


You know you need to invest in yourself in order to level up…


...instead, you’re putting everybody's needs before your own, your are putting pressure to achieve what seems unrealistic goals. You feel overwhelmed!

Stressed Woman

When Will it be Your Turn?

Mother and Child

How would You Feel if...

  • Your business felt aligned with how you want to live your life, your core values?

  • Your are helping dream clients create changes in their life, while being fully present in your personal life?

  • What if hitting five figures each month was your new reality knowing what activities to focus on?

  • You were able to be more intentional and strategic about your time & spend more time actually helping people (the favourite part of your business), and the money still flowed in effortlessly?

  • You had the financial freedom to take a holiday without thinking about your business (somewhere sunny and beautiful) as often as you liked?

The truth is...
You have all of the passion you
need to create the 
Life and B
usiness of your Dreams. 

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You just need to trust yourself.

You need the confidence to make decisions faster.

You need to stop getting in your own head and overthinking everything.

You need to stop thinking you will fail or that you don't belong.

You need to be more disciplined with your time (stop being a YES woman).


And to do all of that, you need the right support, a guide and a friend.


That’s where I come in…

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I am forever grateful to Sabrina...

I was dealing with self-doubt and was having trouble with my self-confidence. We were able to dig into events from my past and discovered how this self-limiting belief was formed. Sabrina helped me to see that this belief was not serving me at all. This is something I had been struggling to change for years, and only by working with Sabrina was I able to leave the past behind me. Sabrina made me feel safe and listened to at all times. I cannot recommend her enough!


Hey there!

“Women don’t have to keep living like a shadow of their real selves.”


I'm Sabrina ,the only high performance mindset & business strategist for driven women who lets our clients lead the way in our coaching journey, while being present and accessible in a way that’s unmatched.


"I know first-hand how important having a solid mindset is in business and life" 

This helps our clients reinforce their commitment to themselves and experience rapid growth because they feel like they can always come to us for support and accountability, during a time when it’s easy to get lost in the crowd in a group coaching container.


It is now my goal to help ambitious women put themselves first and have it all on their terms,Family, Business and Prioritise their Self-Care.


During our work together I will help you to transform your dream life into a reality... YOUR reality.

Book you breakthrough call today and let's chat about your next chapter!

With Love ,


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The Conscious Leadership Blueprint 
 Mindset Incubator

My Exclusive Signature Coaching Program

Helping achievement-oriented women engineer their Rebirth Revolution in there personal & professional life around their desire to excel at all things with a proven approach to change behaviour!

The high-performance mindset & business strategist for driven women worldwide

Before working with Sabrina...

I was always afraid of money, I was always in the red with nothing to look forward to, no real purpose or aim in life.

Since we started working together, I have a clearer insight & vision of what I want and don’t want . We've worked on my limiting beliefs and erased them one by one! Today I attract clients with ease, I have my own business and apartment!

I went from making ends meet to a total transformation with a positive mindset. I am now generating a minimum of 5k a month. I really didn’t know I could do it and I now know that I haven’t even reached my full potential yet!


Working Together we'll focus on results like:

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I was terrified of putting myself out there...

I was afraid of judgement and wasn't comfortable being vulnerable and telling my story. With Sabrina my mindset completely transformed. By the end of the process I was so excited to get going and start writing content. The transformation in my mindset, confidence and enthusiasm was staggering.


What's Included:

This is a 12 weeks journey designed to support you adopting small simple changes with an immense impact  

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3 sessions per month to break through mind-set blocks, strategise, set plans and tasks and have the accountability you know you need for big results. 


Weekly 60 minute 1:1 coaching calls

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Have a question between sessions, a win to share or need support? I‘ve got you! 


Unlimited email support between session

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Making sure that you stay committed and take aligned and inspired actions



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These have been created and personally curated by me to ensure they meet your needs and fit your business.


Worksheets and recommended resources

What's Included:

Sabrina has had such an impact on me and has a presence about her that is incredibly electric...

Sabrina’s approach in mind-set coaching has helped me wise up in all aspects of my life. Her advice and guidance helped me achieve way more than I could ever possibly dream even in my wildest self. Not only can you relate to her, she is refreshingly honest and will give you the tough love that you need to see your vision come to fruition. She has an aura that makes you feel so comforted, loved and safe.

I really hope my message inspires you to change and become the best version of yourself!


Invest in yourself.

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In order to turn your life & business vision into a reality, you will need a combination of mindset, strategy ,intentionality and actions.This is exactly what I help my clients with.

But first, you need to accept the invitation I am handing you….

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Image by Karly Santiago

Why this is Different?

This program is highly tailored exclusively to you and your unique personality. It reflects you, both your business AND life.


What is the different is my style, a mix between coaching and consulting.

I ask the RIGHT questions to give you the RIGHT prescription.

Together we'll bring back the joy you once had for your business, so you can achieve your dreams with confidence and build a strategy that fits your unique needs

We'll work together to create the boundaries you need between work and life so you no longer have to sacrifice your health and family to become the woman you know you are.

This program is anti-BS, this is a partnership and I'm dedicated to your success. In return, I only work with Action-takers, high achievers, family-oriented, friendly, coachable people who are fully committed to changing their life.

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Are you ready to have it all: Achievement and Ease ,
with me at your side?

The first step is to book a call with me.

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