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Rebirth Revolution

Welcome To The   

A New Chapter for High-Achieving Women

Let's rewire your brain to accelerate
a better quality of life & increase your income.

In our, 6 months mentorship, you'll become a high vibration Woman,CEO, AND achieve a high-level life quality that is transmitted to generations to come.

All by Unlocking your Inner Strength, mastering the art of balancing family, mental wellness without sacrificing your revenue  with my transformative Consciously Awareness  method™


  • A Coach who's reached a plateau in her  revenue growth & you are not sure how to turn things around 

  • A Powerhouse CEO who's ready to step up her life, priorities her self-care and  inspire others

  • A Female Executive with a young family overwhelmed by the endless to-do list and lack of time

  • A Female entrepreneur with a great service ready to scale with a CEO Mindset without sacrificing her private life

  • A Service-based business owner who spent too long settling for less than what she really deserved 

if you answered yes to any of the above,then ....

You are like most of my clients, you know achieving the life and success you desire (without working more hours and feeling overwhelmed & stress) is possible. You just don't think that right now you can make it happen!


This feeling is normal by the way! My clients all started with doubts and lacks in some areas when we partnered together.

That's why I take the time to listen to them, understand what it feels like to be in this stage of their life so I coach them to where to their dream destination by crafting a bespoke mindset coaching, mentoring, and strategies for them.


First, you decide to take action and Go All In.
Then you shift to Unlock your inner Strength & Light and start taking aligned actions
Then you start enjoying the reward of claiming back your worth, your Time!   
  • You're ready to claim back the life you deserve &  scale your business in a way that fits your dreams.

  • Experience True Freedom and prioritize your family and mental well-being without compromising your financial independence

  • You value working efficiently in fewer hours and make more money.


  • You need to take strategic decisions so you have more time spent in your zone of genius 

  • You want to have high vibration to attract what you are worthy of & desire. 

  • You are not getting the support, guidance, accountability that works for you. 

  • You simply don't have the time to sit through hours of coaching video.


  • You want to build a legacy, break the cycle of generational limiting beliefs. 


You know deep down you haven't unleashed your full potential but with some help,
you'll break free.
You will be able to build a Million Dollar Mindset and Master your Life & Time (without sacrificing your business/ personal life or self-care).

Together, we will revolutionize your mindset and crush your limiting beliefs.

"I'm not good enough."

"I don't know where to start."

"There aren't enough hours."

"I really don't think I can achieve this. "

"What if I lose it all ?"

#1 To experience your Rebirth Revolution, you will need to be crystal clear on the purpose for that money & time. How will your life look like when you have Tapped into your own strengths?


Spending quality

time with loved ones

Living in my

dream home

Driving my

dream car

Dining out in my favorite restaurant

Staying in a luxurious resort 

Spending on people I love

Having an investment portfolio

Having a college fund for my kids

Wearing the clothes I love 


Select one thing from the option above that really lights you up.

(or All... because you deserve them after all !)

Now keep hold of those feelings ...

I know how life can get busy and overwhelming, the coaching & mentoring delivered is tailored to you and what works for you. 


You get all the coaching with me so you get to your final destination.


I've seen how many programs work, the videos you have to go through, and then get with a coach for 15-30min to get more information. You will skip that part, in our weekly calls, I will talk through the action steps that you want to take to move closer to your goals.

You will feel confident, positive supported, accountable and productive.


#2 To expand your mindset and life , you will need to raise your energy, you have to be motivated, inspired so it feels right to you.

We are all energy. Master your vibration level,  you are fully aligned with what you truly need, You have to DECIDE -deep inside, in your guts - that you have to achieve it, to raise it. You have to know why completely, with no doubt MUST get to that point.

Tell me! What does having The Rebirth Revolution, start a New Chapter for High-Achieving and Claiming your Worth really mean to you?

Could it mean...

Show up with Confidence 

Focus on my  zone of genius

Scale with ease 

Build a strong team 

Be a great & inspiring leader

Become the first millionaire in your family

Empower other around to elevate their life 

Provide the best for your children

Become a role model for your kids

Die with the no regrets

Have a meaningful life

Have a great impact 

Never Settle for less than what you deserve

Leave a legacy you'll be remember for 

Things are really shaping up!

High-Achieving Women are focused, disciplined and decisive, they have deeply connected to their feelings, they are confident.

They start their day with high and positive energy

and end their day the same.

High Achiever, High level, High Energy.

They thrive in their business and life with ease.

And it's rewarded by what they have in their bank accounts.

If you care and resonate with anything on that list, then you are still in the right place. Let's keep going.

"But Sabrina! It sounds great but I'm doing fine.

I'm already ...

  • Working with a coach

  • Working on a new program to launch

  • Thinking of doing some change when I have more time

  • Audited my business strategy 

Nice, How's that working for you?

If you're saying, 'It's not then let's change that now. 


IMG_7061 2.JPG

Hi, I'm Sabrina Drou

Mindset and Business coach and two times 6 figures business owner.


And I'm here to mentor you to get time back, be productive and claim the life you truly deserve - fast.

Ready to Step into your greatness and unleash your true potential with our proven coaching methods?

It is YOUR  time to shine brighter than ever before!

You might not be money broke but you are time-broke, 

You know you can be and have more but have limiting beliefs

You are working hard, long hours,

but you not scaling & not have the amount of money you want.

You are feeling frustrated because you are working too much and not in control of your time.

You feel guilty that you are neglecting your family for no apparent reason.


Simply put:

If your working more hours, not earning as much as you want & not enjoying your life, then you are letting yourself down.


I'm so excited for you because I'm about to support you
fast-track your dreams with ease and confidence in the Rebirth Revolution.

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 21.40.20.png


"Your personalized approach & coaching made it possible for me to take real action. I achieved the result I was aiming for. You were there to support me by being both presents during the sessions and during the in-between. I used to resist making this decision because I felt unable to do so. I can't believe I took that step! Thank you, I truly transformed and feel better and ready to move forward. I finally feel free and light."



"I had some coaching sessions with Sabrina to help with gaining clarity around my desires and changing my limiting beliefs. It was quite amazing what came up. I thought I knew what was holding me back but Sabrina managed to get to the deeper root of what that was. She has a beautiful manner and I felt very safe talking with her and she held space for me in moments when I needed some time. I felt so much clearer and lighter after our session and I feel confident and empowered to SMASH my goals."

Screenshot 2021-05-14 at 17.48.51.png


“The session was amazing, you were able to uncover some of the root causes that were making me feel resistance within my business and investing. I was having some mixed feelings so excitement and enthusiasm for the goals but scared/nervous for some reason. I feel must more positive emotions towards my desires now that I know I was linking my need for security with having a lot of money saved up. [...]It will help me uncover what’s really bothering me so I can address it to enjoy my business & investment ventures. I would be excited to start transforming these beliefs moving forward to help me feel more empowered and ready to take on the financial responsibilities I need to in order to prosper in my business and investing. I really enjoyed working with Sabrina, she was very helpful and asked great questions to help me uncover some things I wasn’t able to on my own.”

Meet Sabrina Drou
CEO & Founder 

I know how life can get busy and overwhelming as I've been where you're at and the good news is that I've already done all the heavy lifting for you on figuring out how to scale a business.

I work less now than I ever did, I have the time to enjoy my kids, to enjoy amazing experiences and be fully present...with 0 guilt!


I have more time now than I did when started my own business, I'm constantly building up my confidence because I made a choice, I made an agreement to myself and I'm committed to it! 


Case study


My client was a great example.

"I have more examples but what I loved the most working with you was your adaptability,  availability and helped me use my own resources instead of looking outside.

 It’s like the doors of abundance opened and things are happening with so much ease! 

It’s true to think that changing your energy changes your life and you were here to help me change that energy.

Maya has scaled her business in a way that fits into her life 

When I started working with Maya, she lacked confidence, she was used to putting other needs above hers.

She cared for everyone around her but never really lived her life, never took the time to think of her needs. 

She has such passion for her work and clients & so generous with her time to others.

Up until then, she didn't know she would find her true purpose, who her authentic self was & get the confidence to start living her life on her own terms, the way she deserves it.











Here is what Maya REALLY needed.

She lacked confidence and self-esteem.

This resulted in her procrastinating, and undercharging.


She lacked the ability to trust herself and a business with no actual plan to achieve her big vision.

She could easily charge her worth and scale

Maya thought she needed external validation, what she needed was to build her 

confidence, have a method that works for her, and be held accountable & road map with easy action to implement.

Here is what Maya thought she needed.

"I need  a recipe already done, me to bring her solution"

"I need to work on my money mindset"

She thought  I would hand her all the answers. But what she really had was an emotional block.

You are Super Interested and would like to know more ?

Book a connect call to discuss the program & see if this is right for your needs.

Here's the real reasons you're feeling stuck  :

  • You lack of clarity and struggle to make decisions and take meaningful action

  • You have Self-Doubst despite your accomplishments. You question your abilities, worthiness, or whether you deserve success

  • You are not strategic with your tasks

  • You are not intentional with your time

  • Your energy is not aligned with your big vision

  • You are stuck in analysis paralysis, a perfectionist  

  • You are doing everything on your own

  • You want to change but don't where to start

  • You are afraid of failure and worry about not meeting your own or others' expectations, which can paralyze you from taking action

  • You are overwhelm with all your responsibilities and commitments, you feel like you have too much on your plate, leading to indecision and stagnation

#3 To have The Empowered  Rebirth Mindset, (without sacrificing your family time or working more) you'll need to have faith in yourself.

If you have participated in the 'Reclaim your Divine Confidence' :

  • You DO know how easy it is to have a purpose that motivates you 

  • You DO know how you can Love Yourself without feeling selfish

  • You DO know how to feel confident in a way  that feels true and aligned

You just need the support, guidance, accountability & skillset to experience the Rebirth Revolution. You've set your intention to make the leap, now you have the perfect opportunity in front of you.

But first, you have to take action and have faith in yourself

You'll have The Empowered Rebirth Confidence, Productivity & Time


You'll be able to go on holiday at least twice per year & with a business still bringing in revenue  

Be visible with no fear of being judged

Fully in charge of your TIME

Scale your business with high-ticket clients


Feel & Act like a CEO & take clear and strategic decision

Go through a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment and connect with your  Soul DNA Legacy so  they can embrace your true calling

Create more space and time in your life 

Work less & earn more 

Feel free and motivated each day 

Emerge as empowered leaders, confident decision-makers, and masters of your own life, ready to navigate personal and Business life's challenges with grace and purpose. 

Here is what's included in the program.

The Rebirth Revolution Incubator 
(a £24,000 value)  

This program is a library of everything I've learned from running a company while being in my 9-5 pm and starting a new one with young children and still finding time for myself...

Takes overworked, high-achieving women ,coaches and Powerhouse Female Entrepreneurs to a new easy structure to create more time 

This program will help you to rewire your brain & your business to rewrite the rules that are holding you back. (Good news this is the first thing we will crush down!)


Help you  master your life and design it. A life  that is easy to implement and fit with your core values while scaling your business.

You don't need to work long hours and be profitable, but you do need to focus your time and energy on profitable and money-making actions.

Give you exactly the support you need to create the life you are worthy of.

You are going to fall in love with your life again, have the time and abundance that you deserve.

You will have simple tools you can use daily to have high vibration energy.



Exclusive Bonus: Rebirth Revolution  VIP lounge

(A £6,000 value)

This a group of Successful women who are committed to reaching their full potential while being true to their values. 

This is where you'll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly, learn from what  other entrepreneurs

Get experts tips 

weekly training live On the Facebook 


Empowered mindset

(Priceless )

Confidence, time Mastery, Self-love ,

Elevated quality of Life

(Priceless )

Monthly Q&A Call with Sabrina


When you add it all up, that's a total worth of £30,000.

You get it now for £10,000

(a ridiculously low investment when you consider the 6-7 figure revenue stream and ROI you are about to add to your business and life.)

Enrollment to the Empowered CEO MINDSET Incubator  

Thanks for submitting!

The Rebirth Revolution Incubator 6 months -

Pay in full

The Empowered Mindset Incubator - £19,200

Tailored Business strategies -£9,600

Private Rebirth Revolution lounge access -£4,800

Elevated Quality of life -Priceless

Accountability and Support -Priceless

More Time to Enjoy Life-Priceless

The Rebirth Revolution Incubator 12 months -

monthly payment

The Empowered  Mindset Incubator - £19,200

Tailored Business strategies -£9,600

Private Rebirth Revolution lounge access -£4,800

Elevated Quality of life -Priceless

Accountability and Support -Priceless

More Time to Enjoy Life-Priceless

Bonus as per the live until 9pm BST on the 03.15.2024

Worth £33,600

Pay Now in Full at £10,000

Pay Monthly at 1,997

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