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Meet Sabrina 

Sabrina -founder of Sabrina Drou Coaching and her mission is to help driven high achievers thrive.

Sabrina believes she would’ve been more outspoken and more motivated to go after the things she desired and experiences she craved if she (and all women) didn’t live in a culture of permission.

And after 16+ years in corporate as a model employee who said “yes!” to everyone except herself, foregoing lunches and precious time with family, Sabrina was unhappier than ever.

“Enough is enough,” Sabrina decided in 2018, when she left her job to break this pattern for her daughters and other women as a high-performance mindset & business strategist.

“Be quiet, be nice, you can’t have it all” - it took Sabrina years to disentangle herself from this kind of social conditioning. But she knows her lived experiences make her more relatable and add depth to her work.

Sabrina believes women can have it all on their own terms. And they certainly don’t have to minimize themselves or edit their expectations to live the life they desire.

Now, Sabrina helps ambitious women who’ve been conditioned to put themselves last reclaim their voice and confidence so they can rewrite their story and redefine what happiness, success, wealth, and womanhood means to them

Love & Gratitude, Sabrina 

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